Thursday, October 9, 2008

the funny things

I'm eating some cake and ice cream, (which conveniently is NOT on my diet). But, as I start to mix my cake and ice cream together I think of all the funny things people do.

Maybe mixing ice cream and cake together in a bowl isn't inherently funny, but the fact that I once saw someone do it and now feel compelled to follow seems funny to me. I mean I don't even really like to mix my food!

Have you ever thought of all the things you do simple because you saw someone else doing it and thought "hey that's a good idea"? Only to look back years later and hang your head in shame.

A word or phrase you now like to use.

A style of dress.

The way you fix your hair.


I remember when I was fairly young hearing someone answer the phone "heaven-o", instead of the traditional "hello ".

Boy did I think that was cool.

So for the next 2 phone calls I proudly answered "heaven-o" only to be greeted with "huh"?

They say imitation is the highest for of flattery, but maybe just giving the person a compliment would be smarter.


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